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Our ProGram In New Hampshire

The GOP-controlled state government recently passed a law that critics say amounts to placing a "poll tax" on college students”… ABC News. July 21, 2018.

Don’t let these headlines affect your right to vote. Until this law goes into effect in July 2019, it will be easier than you think to register to vote now. Don’t wait! This is your last chance to change the course of your future. If we allow these laws to be enacted, your right to vote freely and easily will be severely impacted.

If you are a student living on campus at one of New Hampshire’s universities, you can register to vote in your town whether you are a NH resident or out of state. You can claim your campus housing address as your domicile.

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Our Program in Florida

We have partnered with the Florida Immigration Coalition (FLIC) to implement a multipronged approach:

  1. Expand FLIC’s existing bi-lingual call center.

  2. Reach out, via text to 60,000 displaced Puerto Ricans in the 26th Congressional district. 

  3. Public outreach, via text, to registered voters to make sure they verify their registrations. If they have been purged, get them to re-register.   

  4. Alert voters whose two-year VBM registration is expiring, so that they know that they need to re-register and that they can chose the “forever” option.

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Learn more about our partnership with FLIC