Attention All New Hampshire Student Voters

Know your rights!

NOTHING can stop you from voting in the upcoming mid-term elections.

By voting Now, YOU can change the laws that threaten your future.


If you are a student at one of New Hampshire’s universities, you can register to vote in your town whether you are a NH resident or an out-of-state student. You can claim your on-campus or off-campus housing address as your domicile.

Trouble at the voting station?

Election Protection Hotline:

  • English: 866-OUR-VOTE

  • Spanish: 888-VE-Y-VOTA

  • Arabic: 844-YALLA-US

  • Asian & Pacific languages: 888-API-VOTE

  • American Sign Language video: 301-818-VOTE

  • or text "OUR VOTE" to 97779


what you need to register to vote ON ELECTION DAY

when can i register?

where do i vote?

registering and voting ahead of time


What you need to register to vote on election day

To register, you will need to provide documents that prove your Identity and Age.     

  1. A driver’s license or non-driver ID from any state satisfies proof of identity and age.   

  2. A student ID from a certified NH college or university (and Dartmouth) can be used to verify identity, as can a military ID.

If you do not have these, you can prove your identity, age, domicile and/or citizenship, by signing a Qualified Voter Affidavit, in front of an election official.

Documents issued by the school you attend that show your name and your on campus address satisfy the requirement. Students may use a smartphone to show a document from their college that includes their campus address.

There are many documents that will satisfy this requirement. Visit the NH Secretary of State website to see more.

There will be plenty of people at the polling station to help you if you have questions.


When can I register?

New Hampshire allows same day voter registration, meaning you can register and vote on Election Day.

 Just be sure to bring all the required identification documents.

You can also register in advance.   


Where do I vote?


registering and voting ahead of time


If you want to register ahead of time, go to the Town Clerk’s office in your campus town. If you are not able to vote at the polls on election day, you can apply for a mail-in / absentee ballot at the Town Clerk’s office. You can fill it out while you are there and hand your completed ballot back in to the clerk. 

IMPORTANT: You must return the ballot in person by 5 pm Monday, November 5th. Mail-in ballots must be received by 5 pm on Tuesday, November 6th.

Follow this link to find your Town or City Clerk’s office.