Our Impact in New Hampshire 2018



In New Hampshire, Claim Your Vote teamed up with both Let America Vote and with NextGen America for the 2018 election.

All of the key college towns in New Hampshire have a high population of 18–24 year olds. NextGen tracked voter turnout in the relevant precincts – and it not only exceeded 2014 levels, but also far exceeded the increase in turnout seen statewide:

  • In Durham, turnout increased by 43%.

  • In Keene ward 1, turnout increased by 55%.

  • In Plymouth, turnout increased by 36%.

  • In Hanover, turnout increased by 29%.

Same day registration numbers also significantly increased, they were up 57% in comparison to 2014 results.

Raising Voter Awareness

We raised voter awareness in New Hampshire in many ways:

1. We combatted voter misinformation using our website. Pending changes to voting regulations created an air of confusion about voting, and served to discourage students and young people from voting. We counteracted this by providing accurate, factual information on our website to cut through the confusing and threatening information posted on the official New Hampshire Secretary of State website. Our message was straightforward:

“You can vote in New Hampshire if you follow these simple steps. Use same day voter registration, and be assured that voting is your right!”

As legal decisions came down, we updated our website to reflect the changes, but kept our message the same: we encouraged students (especially if they originated from out of state) to utilize same day voter registration to vote.

2. We created and posted two prominently placed billboards on Main Street in Concord, New Hampshire, to garner attention for our message:

“If you go to school in NH, you can VOTE in NH!”

The billboards were:

As a point of reference, these billboards were 25 feet long and 9 feet high. We also used many variations of “virtual billboards” in our tweets – see the photo in the description of our twitter program.

3. We also purchased 500 radio spots on three college radio stations. These humorous spots were read live every fifteen minutes during prime time morning and evening shows over the two weeks leading up to Election Day. The messages encouraged students to register and vote, and referred them to our website for more information. Here is a sample script

We live at an exciting time when everything is available any time. Still, some things you can’t get the same day. You can’t get cable TV installed the same day. You can’t get your car fixed the same day. But here in New Hampshire, college students can register and vote the same day! That’s right, whatever state you are from, all you need is a student id to vote in New Hampshire. Find a polling place at claim your vote dot org, that’s claim your vote dot org. Election day is November sixth, make sure to vote. Claim your vote dot org.

4. Our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook campaign touched 25,000 people in New Hampshire every day with our targeted messages. Here is a sample image from a tweet:


5. We organized dozens of people from Massachusetts to go canvassing in New Hampshire and to provide rides to the polls in New Hampshire, particularly for more remote voting areas with little public transportation.