Florida Voter registration ends October 9th

Photo by  Mirah Curzer  on  Unsplash

Hey Florida! Voter registration ends October 9th and there are nearly 5 million unregistered voters in your state, that is ¼ of the population. As a state that is consistently purple your vote matters.

Registering to vote has had a bad reputation and can be complicated. But it doesn’t have to be, in Florida you can register to vote online and it's really easy. If you are unsure of your registration status, or if you recently moved to Florida and need to reregister https://claimyourvote.org/florida can help (hay una versión en español del sitio web). It will answer the questions you have about voter registration.

The 2018 Florida midterms have 12 constitutional amendments on the ballot. In order for an amendment to be approved, it must receive 60% of the vote. The issues range from a ban on vaping indoors to eliminating dog racing by 2020. Your voice matters. Tell the Florida government what you want by registering to vote.

Learn more about our cause at https://claimyourvote.org/

Katey C